How To Prepare For A Tooth Removal

Having problems with your teeth is something you don’t want to wish on your worst enemy.  The throbbing pain, the bleeding gums and just knowing that you have to go to a dentist just makes the entire situation worse.  However, tooth removal in Stockbridge isn’t something that you need to fear.  In fact, if you just take a few steps and prepare yourself, it can be over quickly.

Wash your mouth out with saltwater

The reason that our teeth hurt is because bacteria and other germs are infecting our gums and as a result they are stimulating the nerves in our mouth.  What we can do is we can try to remove as much of this bacteria and germs as possible.  One solution that people use is mouthwash.  The problem with mouthwash is that there is a high level of alcohol that will burn you.  This is a good reason to avoid it.

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A good alternative is saltwater.  Saltwater is a natural substance that isn’t designed to burn.  What you will want to do is take regular warm tap water and dissolve salt in it.  Then you want to fill your mouth halfway with the water and swish it around making sure that you get around your tooth.  This will help kill the bacteria and germs.


The Earth is filled with spices, herbs and other compounds that grow naturally in the world.  One thing that we have found is that many spices and herbs will excrete oils when broken up or stimulated.  These oils will have healing properties that can take care of burns as well as nerve pain. 

If you take some oregano and grind it up file and place some around your tooth and rub it up against your gums, the oils contained will start to elevate the pain.  This is a short lived period of relief and you will need to reapply the oregano, but it will work great for several hours.